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Bridges to Creativity: Avante Garde x AJ Corrales
Embark on a journey of Art, innovation, and purpose with "Bridges to Creativity," a groundbreaking collaboration between Avante Garde and AJ Corrales. This collection, featuring everything from transformative heat-activated mugs to expressive wearable apparel, is a vibrant testament to the power of creative spirit and artistic resilience.
In a bold move to support and empower emerging artists, 10% of every purchase from this collection directly benefits Avante Garde. Our mission is clear: to dismantle financial barriers and foster a thriving artistic ecosystem. And with your help, we aim to raise $50,000 by the end of this year. This ambitious goal will enable us to provide even more vital support to artists, helping them achieve financial stability and creative fulfillment.
By choosing an item from "Bridges to Creativity," you're doing more than just embracing Art and fashion; you're making a tangible difference. Every piece is an opportunity to stand with Colorado's emerging artists, contributing to a fund that fuels their dreams and allows them to make significant contributions to our $14 billion arts and culture sector.
Join us in this passionate campaign of support and creativity. Together, we can reach our $50,000 goal, building bridges to a brighter, more vibrant future for artists and Art lovers. Your purchase is a potent solidarity with the artistic community, bringing us closer to a world where no artist has to choose between their passion and their livelihood.