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AJ Corrales LLC specializes in providing innovative resources and strategic frameworks designed to support and elevate the arts community. Our flagship offering, the Avante Garde model, is a comprehensive toolkit tailored to enhance the professional development of artists and foster vibrant, inclusive cultural ecosystems. Our services include:
  • Professional Development Tools: Manuals, guides, and templates that empower artists with knowledge and strategies for career growth.
  • Community Engagement Platforms: Programs and workshops that facilitate dynamic interaction and collaboration within the arts sector.
  • Customizable Licensing Solutions: Flexible, territorially exclusive licensing options for the Avante Garde model, allowing for adaptation and integration into various organizational structures while maintaining a commitment to diversity and innovation.
  • Consulting Services: Expert consultancy providing personalized advice and support for the implementation and optimization of the Avante Garde model within organizations.

All offerings are structured to uphold the values of creativity, inclusivity, and continuous learning that define AJ Corrales LLC.

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