About AJ Corrales

Amanda Corrales, a Denver native and celebrated artist, is a testament to the vibrancy of the Mile-High City's art scene. A graduate with a BA in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado, Amanda has nurtured her skills in capturing the world through her lens, bringing stories to life with her unique perspective.
Beyond her academic credentials, Amanda's journey is marked by a diverse array of professional experiences, ranging from the dynamic role of Freelance Director of Photography to leading marketing efforts at Rocky Mountain PBS. Her tenure as Director at The X Company and Avante Garde, where she currently serves as Executive Director, highlights her leadership in fostering art communities and her commitment to financial stability and creative fulfillment for artists.
Amanda's global travels have enriched her artistic vision, allowing her to imbue her work with a blend of local charm and international flair. Her expertise spans editorial, documentary, and fashion photography, making her a versatile asset in any creative endeavor.
Renowned for her role in curating local programming for artists and managing vital aspects of nonprofit operations, Amanda is a beacon of inspiration in Colorado's arts and culture sector. Her work as a freelance photographer, including projects like Fem Fest 2019 for MCA Denver, exemplifies her ability to create impactful visual narratives.
If you're seeking collaboration with a photographer whose work is deeply rooted in community support and artistic excellence, Amanda Corrales is your ideal partner. Reach out to her at amanda@ajcorrales.com to transform your vision into captivating visual stories.

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